Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding Space

My gosh! My husband and I bought a house in mid-March and it was a definite "fixer upper." Because I was in my first trimester (of being pregnant), helping my husband fix it up, made things quite a challenge - for him and me! Fast forward to six months later, our house is looking fabulous. Hubby did a photo montage last night with photos of the house before we moved in as well as the construction photos and we are looking forward to adding photos of the house "done and complete" sometime this week.

This brings me to the title of my post, however. We have a huge house (considering my single life I had a one bedroom apartment) - over 1800 square feet! Three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 living rooms (formal and informal), 2 dining areas (formal and informal), and of course, the kitchen. I must admit that I have so much stuff. It's insane! I think to myself, "Where did this all come from? How did I get all of this? Why do I still have all of this?" Well, the answer to the last question is that I always have the mentality that eventually, someday, I may need it, so why throw it out? I have this feeling when I know I haven't used something in a while, I'm going to throw it out, and immediately regret my toss because I now, after all these years of not needing it, will be able to use it, and it's gone. Ever feel like that?!

My craft stuff is currently in what we call the "third bedroom" - also known as the craft room or guest room. My scrapbooking stuff is scattered all over the guest bed - being used as a virtual desk. Mind you, there is a real desk, but where do I lay out all of my stickers and photos and other things to view? It looks like a tornado hit this room . . .

The other bedroom is designated for the lil miss (due in mid-October). That photo will be shown later . . .

I currently have my music stuff scattered all over the formal living room in hopes to organize and place in a filing cabinet. The pretty books are on the bookshelves, but the ugly copies and mish-mash of paper could use a home where they are in hiding, so to speak. I'm slowly, but surely, going through them all. Thoughts of "Do I really need this? Am I going to look at this? Can I easily find this if I need it again?" come to mind, again.

And, like I was saying earlier, I'm hoping to find a place for all of this. I'm so young now and I know I have so much more to "collect" in the future, I need to start minimizing and throwing away. That, and creating more stuff to sell on etsy, right?!

Have a great week. And when you're cleaning your house, remember to "throw it away!" (as this is what I will be trying to tell myself this week) . . .

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