Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hurray for Baby Furniture

Well, after a long and tedious process, more than the average pregnant lady, I have found furniture that I pray I am going to be happy with. It all started on craigslist . . . .

I had decided that I wanted a sleigh crib and couldn't decide if I wanted a wood finish or a white finish. I'm not a huge fan of the dark woods, so I had been looking at light - colored, blonde wood, and the occasional white, which was few and far between. After not having much luck and looking obssessively for a week, I found this:

I sing in my head like angels, "Ahhhhh!!" - perfect. Everything matches, it appears to be in great condition. I immediately email the ad letting them know I am interested and she calls 5 minutes later wanting to know when I would be willing to pick it up. I agree to pick it up that evening and with my husband in tow, we set out in two cars to pick up all three items.

When we arrive, the furniture is not disassembled and bigger than life. Oh, and did I forget to mention that there was an enormous flight of stairs to get to the baby's room? Oh yes, my friends. Erik could not be happier! There is just me and two other short and petite ladies within screaming distance to get some help, so he's pretty much out of luck. We both like the furniture and proceed to load it in the car, ahem (cough cough) - Erik proceeds to dolly it carefully down the stairs and to the respective cars.

Only two pieces fit in both cars - the hutch and dresser in one and the armoire in the other, so we give her partial payment and tell her that we'll be back on Sunday before or after church to pick up the crib. This made for a long evening as the lady who we purchased the furniture lived a great distance from the freeway, so we grabbed a bite to eat before we made the long trek home.

A day or two later I begin to have second thoughts about the crib. This is not the crib I had envisioned in my head and I certainly didn't want to go back and get it if I could find something else that fit my ideal crib. And after playing phone tag with the seller for a few days, I get a hold of her and tell her that I just don't think I want the crib. Although she wanted to sell it all as a set, she sympathetically said that if I didn't want it, I didn't have to buy it and she would sell it separately. She didn't want me to buy it for my first baby if it wasn't something I wanted. I thanked her profusely and then went out and purchased my ultimate crib:

Let me tell you, this is the Madison Lifetime Crib by Jardine - I LOVE THIS CRIB. But let me tell you, with the room yellow and the blonde-colored furniture accenting the room, it wasn't much of an accent. Imagine this: the room is 80% set up with all the furniture and supplies one needs to be ready for a baby and your spouse (at 8 months pregnant) decides to have a meltdown and tell you she already feels guilty she bought used furniture for her baby and she's not even born! She proceeds to say that the color of the furniture isn't right, it doesn't match, she doesn't like it. This is all in between tears falling from her face. Yes, it's true. That was me. Poor Erik. Yes, his wife is a bit looney. Nice, consoling husband that he is, he tells me that if I don't like it that I should try and resell it on craigslist and buy something else.

And a few weeks later, that's exactly what I did. With the help from the Choir members at my church who gave me money to buy some new furniture, I purchased this today:

I went with white and as you can see, the crib is very similar to the Madison Lifetime Crib. The pieces above are made by Storkcraft and are made with solid wood. I am really looking forward to it's arrival (as I purchased it from

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